Kate Fallon



It’s Sunday. Geneva, IL. Mid-2000s.


Someone grabs the funnies and reads the most recent “Ask Amy” column. 

“Dear Amy, my neighbor’s daughter is housesitting while they’re out of town. They’ve been gone for a week and the daughter has yet to pull the trash bins in from the curb. I see her pass the bins multiple times each day and she just… leaves them there. I want to go over there and offer to pull them into the house, but she doesn’t know me very well. Those bins are driving me crazy. What should I do? -Confused in the Midwest”

“Dear Confused…” each one of us around the breakfast table would try to solve the personal problems of those curious enough to share their issues with the entire Chicagoland area. 

Friendly family discussions turned into heated debates. We argued our opinions and learned to listen to those who felt differently. We presented our case with a theatrical flair to persuade others to our side (still about that theatrical flair - See: Uncle Rico ).

It’s my earliest memory of being interested in people; what made them feel and act, exploring the idiosyncrasies that made them so beautifully weird, and wondering how I could solve their problems. 

I now love solving problems as a Brand Strategist at TBWA/Chiat/Day NY, where I landed after finishing my Master’s in Strategy at the VCU Brandcenter.

Check out my resume here or reach out to chat, I’d love to share one of my amazing jokes (thanks, Dad).